The "Civitas Aquana" association was born on May 5, 2021 on the initiative of a group of people linked by the desire to make a contribution to the development of a greater participatory culture in Civitaquana. The "Civitas Aquana" association begins its associative path through the 'action of 8 founding members by free choice and through an initial share that allowed the registration procedure provided for by law which ended on May 13, 2021. Below we report the company names of "Civitas Aquana" as expressed in the Statute:
  • art 1. The association for social, cultural, recreational and amateur sports promotion called APS / CUL-ETS "Civitas Aquana" is established.
  • Art 2. This association is non-political, non-partisan and has no profit-making purpose and is conformed to the provisions of pursuant to Legislative Decree 460/97.


  • commitment
  • ethical being non-partisan
  • love for Civitaquana


"Civitas Aquana" intends to operate on the municipal territory through actions oriented towards these fields;
  • in the field of music, theater, and literature with the rediscovery of ancient popular and religious traditions of the food and wine tradition of the area. 
  • Enhancement of the works through a museum ethnographic journey and the rediscovery of symbolism, sociality and popular art. 
  • Constitution a registry of tourist, craft, agricultural and commercial activities to allow the consumer to know what is produced in the area e what are the services, so that demand and supply are present in the area may Meet.